En 1845, Charles Dickens dans son roman Coketown illustrait l’impact négatif des industries sur les villes, en les décrivant comme faites de briques rouges, si ce n’était pas pour la fumée et la cendre.

Très important aujourd’hui est l’impact environnemental des sociétés : pour ça on parle de durabilité, c’est-à-dire l’engagement des sociétés pour optimiser les effets que ses propres activités ont sur le monde entier.

Dans notre petit engagement vers l’environnement, nous avons décidé d’installer un système photovoltaïque qui nous permettra de :

  • Economiser l’émission de CO2 dans l’atmosphère pour un total de presque 21.888 kg
  • Avoir un effet bénéfique sur l’environnement, comme l’équivalent de planter 398 arbres


Since many years, our company improves itself in order to offer higher quality standards and it is for this reason that wants to obtain certificates through qualified entities.

Among these certifications, we have just renewed the SQAS certification, whose aim is to value:

– the level of security at logistics site

– the security during a transport

– the security of storage and goods management

Sqas evaluation is made by points and lasts 3 years; after this period, it must be renewed.

In 2021 our company has obtained 88%, increasing the previous result by 8%.

Moreover, as it can be seen in the graph below, our score is higher than European average.


4.0 is coming!

Nowadays we hear more and more often about “industry 4.0”, also called the fourth industrial revolution, which sees technological improvement among the protagonists with the aim of increasing productivity and safety at work.

For this purpose and with the intention of taking a further step towards digitalization, the company Stratta Logistica has equipped itself with new forklifts.

In fact, they:

  • They are remotely interconnected to internal IT systems that allow you to check the status of the vehicle and its use.
  • They improve workplace safety through sensors and warning lights that monitor working conditions, machine-machine and machine-man anti-collision systems. the vehicle when it gets too close to the person who owns it.





COVID-19 Emergency

Stratta Logistica Srl is by your side.

Global pandemic and restrictions caused by Covis-19 have changed our daily lives and companies’ organization.

During this period, Stratta Logistica Srl continues to guarantee logistics and warehouse services, respecting the current rules. Notwithstanding the actual social and environmental challenges, the company continues providing its transport service both in Italy and abroad.

In this moment of great emergency, our company has invested its professionality by transporting medical supplies.

We have also re-organized our international transports, in order to protect everyone’s health: we have a procedure for safety deliveries and environmentally friendly.

To meet our clients’ necessities and experts in internal procedures, we adapted to apply and respect the new security and healthy measures given by OMS, for example the obligation to use individual protections, hydro alcoholic sanitizing and temperature recorders.

Stratta Logistica Srl assures you its completely support in this very hard moment.

We will work hard to listen to your necessities and to build together a transport solution by respecting quality and security which are very needed in this period.


In order to better manage the arrival and shipment orders of its customers, Stratta Logistica has implemented the control of the same with a new program to manage barcodes.

This technological innovation aims to improve the efficiency of our management by minimizing errors and speeding up the identification processes of the goods.