Who we are

The mission

Transport and supply chain optimisation, that is the constant research of a common and profitable solution for your transport.


Our company is not just words, but actions too. We have drivers and vehicles to guarantee the delivery of the goods in the established time.

What sets us apart:


  • Professionality
  • Reliability
  • Punctuality
  • Precision

The Company

Our society is a family-run company, lasting from three generations and now the fourth is entering.

Established at the beginning of the 20th century and thanks to the vision and passion of the family, the company has been able to adapt to changements, surviving the complexities of the commerce and financial and economic crisis that have been over the years.

The founder was Mr. Stratta Carlo, who began his activity by transporting wine and timber using charts and horses. With the entering of his son, Mr. Stratta Giuseppe, the company had a more innovative and business impulse, succeeding in entering the Automotive market with FIAT and proposing the first high cube trucks.

Under the boost of the third generation, with his son Mr. Stratta Carlo, the company diversifies its activity by entering in the sector of urgent transports (in order to adapt to the new philosophy “just in time” coming from Japan) .

Due to a more and more demanding market, characterized by stricter legal duties, individual companies have not the possibility to compete and it is for this reason that this family story concludes with the creation of the company Stratta Logistica srl by Madam Camera Iose, with whom there is an additional push thanks to the entering in the integrated logistics.

At present, Stratta Logistica Srl is situated in the north industrial zone of Asti and it deals with national and international transports of goods and warehouse’s logistics management.

Our first goal is to carry out the best we can from our services, by maximizing our clients’ benefit.

Company Policy

Our Goals

The goal we are constantly looking for is the creation of an added value for your company by establishing a confident and working relationship, in order to offer competitive prices and services at all times.

The constant search of a common and profitable solution comes from a supply chain process, permitting a continual improvement in order to make our company more flexible, more effective and more efficient, ready to answer to your request in the best way.

Our commitment in the creation of synergies is realized thanks to the following steps:

  • VERIFICATION → of our clients’ targets
  • ANALYSIS → flows organization and internal, everyday dynamics analysis, with recognition of problems and the consequent impact on our clients’ activities;
  • SOLUTION → practical, built together at the development stage, periodically verified and updated.

Your warranties

  • Our vehicles are always efficient, thanks to the 3-year rotation for vehicles covering long distances and 5-year rotation for those covering short distances.
  • Loading safety (XL certified semi-trailers, drop bars, straps, etc) and verification of vehicles’ position thanks to GPS satellite monitoring.
  • Possibility of double equipment for long distance transports for further security.
  • In case of breakdown, an agreement with Iveco Assistance, available 24 hours a day and in all Europe, guarantees the sending of an emergency vehicle in the shortest time in order to proceed with the repair of the vehicle or to take it to the closest garage.
  • We have an all-risks insurance which guarantees our clients for eventual damages to the goods transported and a civil liability insurance.

Our drivers are ready to go immediately using all the resources available in order to deliver the goods in the agreed time, with the possibility to keep the client updated by using the GPS satellite monitoring or by calling the driver.

For some clients,  these data are communicated and entered directly on their management programs.

Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics contains ethics values and principles on which our company is based as well as criteria of conduct used to control the activities of the society.

More specifically, the central principles concern the law respect and standard regulations which refer to integrity, fairness and confidentiality.

Our proposal is to promote and guarantee correctness and loyalty in the management system and human resources within and outside the company, with the consequent grow of our credibility in Italy and Europe.

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